Total Quality: Common Requirements   

Total quality is FDJ’s ideological guideline. Total Quality is applicable to all Valeo people at all levels at any time. The Group attaches great importance to factors affecting quality and encourages employees to work together to find and correct errors.

Five-Axis Management Method

FDJ adopts the five-axis management method, which is the cornerstone of FDJ’s corporate culture. The goal of implementing the five-axis management method is to control costs, ensure quality, and ensure smooth delivery through excellent management to meet the needs of global customers. This set of management methods is based on the principle of "one step", and is constantly improved, which has been adopted by corporations all over the world.

Full participation

Production system

Continuous technological innovation

Integration with suppliers

Total quality

Our five-axis management approach has been enhanced by the adoption of the Quick Response Quality Control (QRQC Management Model) model. Once a problem occurs, the company will immediately hold a meeting at the scene to determine the cause of the incident. Modify measures will then be determined immediately and implemented within 24 hours. The QRQC management model has been applied to all functions and business areas.

San Gen Shugi means "three actual" in Japanese:

Genba means "actual site"

Specifically: Going to the workshop to understand the real situation is more effective than just reading a report.  

Genbutsu means "actual thing"

Specifically: Examining physical parts or real service (whether good or bad), conducting analysis based on facts.  

Genjitsu means "actual data" (real and measurable data facts)

Specifically: decision on data to better understand what is happening in this area.